VolUme 3, Edition 9

Welcome to The LAncer

Welcome to The Lancer, the Niu Valley Middle School digital newspaper. Events, tips, and more! We hope you enjoy!

End of Year Message


We have made it to the end of this school year!!!

Although this has been a REALLY rough year, it wasn't so bad, we found new ways to do school and live our lives.

Congratulations 8th graders, You've made it, the end of the middle school career is over. This is a sad time, but think of this as just the beginning step of the next part of your lives. Congratulations, we wish you the best in your future.

From The Lancer Newspaper Staff to You, Thank You Very much for this wonderful school year. We hope you have an AMAZING Summer.

SAve the earth!

Save the Earth!

What are some ways we can help stop real-world problems?

Click the link to see some problems in this world and possible ways we can help save the Earth

This was written by Isabela Sharp

Student Life

In this edition, 7th grader Shota shared his hobby of playing the ukulele. To see a video of it, click here.

In every edition, we want to feature a hobby that a student has. If you would like to share your hobby on The Lancer, complete this form.

Leadership & Activities

The Leadership Class has established a website for activities that they are setting up. To view their website, Click Here

To view the Leadership Students for this school year, Click Here


Play the latest crossword puzzle here

Choose Love

Quarter 3's Choose Love message focuses on Forgiveness. Forgiving someone can reduce anxiety, stress, and anger. It will help you get rid of past problems and any guilt or shame you may have.