Vol. 1, Ed. 1

(Published Sept. 20 2018)

Vol. 1, Ed. 1 (Published Sept. 20, 2018)


We, at The Lancer®, are looking for a creative logo for our website! Any student in Niu Valley Middle School can enter this contest. Enter your best logo design and the winner's design will be displayed on our newspaper!

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Hurricane Lane was a extremely terrifying experience for all of Hawaii. Although Oahu dodged a bullet, the Big island and Maui were flooded. The Big island flooded up to 4 feet and Maui flooded up to 2 feet. This experience should remind us that we should support everyone in our community. Also in the mainland Hurricane Florence has teared up homes and towns.

Art for the heART

Created by Natalie Kuo

Want to donate art to the sick and elderly? See more information by joining our Google Classroom at:


Want to help even more? Join the Art for the HEART today by filling in the form below:

^ Art for the heART entry by 8th grader student, Natalie K.
^ Niu Valley girls cross country team cheering after race.

Cross Country

Last year, cross country was the most popular NVMS sport! Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00-4:00pm. This year's coaches are Ms. de la Cruz, Ms. Hyun, and Ms. Okihara. The first cross country meet was on September 15, 2018, at Kualoa Ranch. If you can please come to support the Niu Valley Lancers at this exciting meet!

Baseball World Series

The baseball world series has just finished and the Hawaii team, including lancers Taylin Oana and Jace Souza, won the competition! We interviewed them, and here are some facts about them along some of their thoughts about the LLWCS


Comic Strips

Enter in your Comic Strips for a chance to be featured in our newspaper! Email us at thelancernewspaper@nvms.k12.hi.us


Have you ever wondered what your teachers think about the school? Believe it or not they think of it the same way you do! Come back next week to see what they think!


Come down to Niu Valley for our annual Fam Jam! It is on Friday, September 21, in the front of the school! There will be food trucks, entertainment, prize giveaways, games, and a whole lot more!