Baseball World Series

little league world series 2018

Recently, the Hawaii baseball team won the Little League World Series (LLWS). This team included two of our own Niu Valley students, Taylin Oana and Jace Souza. These students showed great amounts of courage and perseverance.

Taylin and Jace celebrate with the rest of their team after winning the Little League World Series

Taylin Oana was one of the students from NVMS to participate in LLWS. In an interview with us, he revealed some of his favorite things that happened during the LLWCS, his favorite things to do, and more. He enjoys video games and enjoys playing baseball, because it is fun. He says his greatest achievement is winning the Little League World Series. While playing baseball, his biggest challenge is getting nervous because of the crowd, and he is able to deal with his stress by speaking to his parents and friends.

His favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter, who played for the New York Yankees from 1995-2014. Taylin owes his love of baseball to his father, who taught him how to play. His favorite team to play against in the LLWS was the South Korean team. In 5 years, he sees himself in college and plans on becoming an architect after college.

Currently, his favorite television show is Spongebob. His favorite subject is math. His favorite food is poke. His strengths and weaknesses are sleeping and waking up early.

Jace started playing baseball at 5 years old, and he was inspired by his father. During the LLWS, Jace felt that the most challenging thing to do was doing his best, despite the great amount of pressure on him and the Hawai'i team. Nonetheless, Jace is and strives to be a positive person and likes to encourage his teammates.

His favorite team to play against was the Peachtree City, Georgia team, which was in the South East region. Jace explained that his favorite team to play was Southeast due to their excellent sportsmanship, and eventually, became good friends with them. His favorite baseball player is Mookie Betts, who plays for the Boston Red Socks. When he grows up, he hopes to be a professional baseball player.

The Lancer asked Jace to tell us a little about himself. His favorite subject is Physical Education (PE). He watches Spongebob and plays football outside of school. He likes eating fast food.