Vol. 1, Ed. 3


Student Led Conferences are coming up! Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do. >>

Dress Code

Dress Code is a problem for students and teachers alike. Students must follow them and teachers must up keep them. If you'd like to hear opinions and information about dress code read on!!!


TOP 10 exotic foods

Have you ever wanted to order some exotic foods but didn't know what to get! Do we have an article for you! Here are the top 10 exotic foods! Read more>>>

Logo Contest

We, at The Lancer®, are looking for a creative logo for our website! Any student in Niu Valley Middle School can enter this contest. Enter your best logo design and the winner's design will be displayed on our newspaper! The deadline for the logo contest is November 20, 2018! Winners will get a $10 Jamba Juice gift card!

Comic strips

We are looking for artists to create a comic strip for the Lancer! Email your designs for a chance for your comic strip to be featured in our newspaper!

This egg is awesome. It's everyone's favorite Gudetama!! if you do not you are not me friend NOW LOVE IT!!! to read more click here :) :) :)smile read

Top 5 Music Groups That you have to listen to

To find what we think are the top music groups and bands read more>>>