Vol. 1, Ed. 5

The NEw Lancer Logo!

New logo art by Natalie Kuo; Grade 8 Team F

Congratulations Natalie on your amazing art!!!

Teacher interviews

By: Jaime Farah and Kimie Ginoza

Have you ever wondered what your teachers think about the school? Believe it or not they think of it the same way you do. Click here for interviews! >>>

Talent show

By Jaime Farah and Kimie Ginoza

Congratulations to all the lancers who preformed in our talent show! You all did wonderful! Check out photos from the talent show of all our performers. Click here to see the photos >>>

Dress code

By: Macie Lum

This quarter we will be enforcing dress code even more and be more strict with dress code. We will be enforcing wearing your name tag and showing your niu valley logo.There will be more dress code rules that will be enforced this quarter and semester. Here are the dress code rules to follow >>>

Seonhwa Visits NVMS

By: Macie Lum

Recently, our sister school, Seonhwa Middle School came to visit and experience our school. We shared our performances and they got to experience a day here getting IDs, eating lunch, and even got to shadow some of our scheduled classes.

what's your horoscope

By: The Whole Lancer Crew

Everyone has a horoscope based on when you were born and the alignment of stars. These are said to predict the future and determine your traits. See what your horoscope is and more details>>>

Caring smile

By Wyatt Mecham

I’m sure everybody knows that you need to maintain good oral hygiene, but what exactly is oral hygiene? Good oral hygiene results in a mouth that looks and smells healthy. Click more on this article>>>

Food trip: scratch kitchen and meatery

By: Team A

Ms. Na and Team A's Passion Project Group heads to South Shore Market in Ward to sample the brunch at Scratch Kitchen. Click here to explore their trip>>>

Crazy facts you probably didn't know

By: Jaime Farah

Check them out here>>>