Ice cream

Wondering what's the best brand for these four flavors? This article is perfect for you. The Newspaper team tried various ice cream flavors from different brands and wrote their opinions in this article.

We chose these four classic flavors - Mint Chip, Chocolate, Coffee, and Vanilla.

Hagen Daz Chocolate: smooth, creamy, sweet, chocolate milk, delicous

Hagen Daz Coffee: balanced(not too strong), creamy, yummy

Talenti chocolate: has more cocoa, bittersweet, smooooth

Talenti mint chip: weird after taste, do not recommend, chemical taste

Baskin Robins Mint Chip: the best, chips are perfect size, kinda smooth

Baskin Robbins chocolate: smoooooooth, creamy, a little weird fllavor but good, kinda taste like coffee

Ben And Jerrys chocolate: rich, creamy, has fudge, very goood

Ben and Jerry's Mint Chip: Very good, mix between cookies and cream and mint chip, would recommend

Bubbies Vanilla: sweet. vanilla bean, kinda creamy

Bubbies Coffee: a little strong, very smooth and creamy, would recommend

Macie's Favorite: Baskin Robin Mint Chip and Hagen Daz Coffee

Macie's Least Favorite: Talenti Mint Chip

Kimie's Favorite: Hagen Daz Chocolate and Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge

Kimie's Least Favorite: Talenti Mint Chip - taste like chemicals

Natalie's Favorite: Hagen Daz Coffee

Natalie's Least Favorite: Talenti Mint Chip