Updated Pt.3

What is the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is currently a pandemic that originated in China. There are lots of theories and conspiracies about the coronavirus pandemic. Like how this is all the Chinese Governments fault or someone ate bat soup. There is one thing for sure, there are many different types of coronaviruses that is why the coronavirus pandemic is called COVID-19, not just COVID. Coronavirus has been around for a long time that is why when you look on bottles of Clorox wipes they say under the "Disinfects" label it says "Human Coronaviruses."


You do not need to raid the shelves for toilet paper or paper towels. Sure you can go and buy like 2 of each, but you don't need 5. Hand soap, hand sanitizer, are good products to have on hand to keep your hands clean. Clorox wipes are good for cleaning surfaces. When you go out you can wear gloves to protect your hands from germs (but take them off before removing masks and touching your face).


  • Wash Your hands consistently

  • Don't touch others

  • Stay home

  • Stay about 6 feet away from others (unless family)

  • Try not to leave your house too often

  • Exercise and stay healthy!!!

Please Stay Healthy and Safe from the Coronavirus. From The lancer to you.