Vol. 2, Edition 2

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Friends vs. the office

Which is better Friends or The Office? We are comparing the shows ratings, overall quality, viewings, appeal to middle schoolers, and our opinions! Answer the survey on your favorite of the two! Which will win? 6 friends in New York or a group of Coworkers in Scranton, PA? This week we will be about the outline of the shows and what it's about. Comeback next week for more until we find the ultimate winner. Click here for the article >>>

Halloween Festivities

Interested in a Halloween festivity? Niu Valley Middle Will be celebrating Halloween in many different ways. From Activities to Special Broadcasting on Halloween day. We would like to see many of you participating in some of the activities. Click Here to know about the Halloween Activities >>>

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Our First crossword!!! If you would like to do the crossword Click Here>>>


Our First Comic!!! If you would like to see our comic please Click Here>>>

World Language Building

The construction for the World Language Building has begun. Click here for the article>>>>