Vol. 2, Edition 2

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Friends vs. the office

Which is better: Friends or The Office? We are comparing the shows ratings, overall quality, viewings, appeal to middle schoolers, and our opinions! Answer the survey on your favorite of the two! Which will win? 6 friends in New York or a group of Coworkers in Scranton, PA? This week we will be about the outline of the shows and what it's about. Comeback next week for more until we find the ultimate winner. Click here for the article >>>


This article is mainly for 6th graders. Student Led Conferences (SLC) are coming up!!! SLC is like Parent teacher Conference, but you show your parents what you have done in school so far in the School Year. Click Here to Read the Article>>>

Student Leadership Conference Feedback

ALL ADVISORY REPS AND LEADERSHIP STUDENTS!!! Please fill out this google form as a reflection of the Student Leadership Conference that took place on October 4, 2019. Sorry for making this late. Click Here to Fill the Form out.

Fall TriviA

Our First Trivia of the Year!!! If you would like to fill out the Trivia Click Here>>>


If you would like to see and know the answers to the First Crossword Click Here>>>


Our First (Actual) Comic!!! If you would like to see the comic Click Here>>>

Lancer Students' Photography

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