Vol. 2, Edition 3


The Lancer will not post on 11/29/30. Since it is the Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to not post. The next edition will be posted on 12/6/2019. The Christmas/Holiday Comics will begin on this post and will run to Holiday time

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Friends vs. the office

Which is better: Friends or The Office? We are comparing the shows ratings, overall quality, viewings, appeal to middle schoolers, and our opinions! Answer the survey on your favorite of the two! Which will win? 6 friends in New York or a group of Coworkers in Scranton, PA? This week we will be about the outline of the shows and what it's about. Comeback next week for more until we find the ultimate winner. Click here for the article >>>

Costume Contest

The costume contest was a huge success. We had over 25 costumes enter the contest for a chance to win. There were so many great costumes and it was a very difficult job to judge all the wonderful costumes that entered. I would like to thank everyone that participated in this costume contest. If you would like to view some of the costumes... Click Here>>>

Stranger Things

Bob Ross

Wizard of oz Characters

Ghost Face

Alien and Human


The Lancer will soon begin writing our Holiday Comics after our Fall/Autumn/Thanksgiving Comics. We hope you enjoy all of the comics.

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Thanksgiving TriviA

Thanksgiving is coming soon!!! If you would like to fill out the Trivia Click Here>>>


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Lancer Students' Photography

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