Vol. 2, Edition 8

Welcome to The LAncer

Welcome to The Lancer. This is the Niu Valley Middle School digital newspaper. This has lots of the information about what is going on at NVMS. We hope you enjoy!!!

Friends vs. the office

Which is better: Friends or The Office? We are comparing the shows ratings, overall quality, viewings, appeal to middle schoolers, and our opinions! Answer the survey on your favorite of the two! Which will win? 6 friends in New York or a group of Coworkers in Scranton, PA? This week we will be about the outline of the shows and what it's about. Comeback next edition for more until we find the ultimate winner. Click here for the article >>>

Credit for The Office photo here!
Credit for Friends photo here!

E-sports tournament

The E-sports tournament was a success!!! All of the 32 people were condensed to 16, then to 8, then to 4, then the 3rd place playoffs, and finally the finals!!! We have all been waiting for the winner this whole time!!!

Huge congrats to Toyo Lee, our E-sports Winner!!!

Hoops For Heart

Hoops for Heart is an activity that is played at different schools across the nation. You play basketball to be healthy and to keep moving. You put in a little money to participate, but it goes to help people with things like heart disease. "This event is a great cause," - Kaena Kim

Bake Off 2020

The bake off is where some contestants will bake a mug cake for each of the judges and each of them will try it and rate it from 1 - 10 scale. The winner will win a certificate and be named the best baker in the whole Newspaper club.

Which Would you Choose

Here at The Lancer, we were wondering what NVMS Students' candy favorite candy bar is. So The Lancer decided to find out for ourselves. To vote, Click Here >>> To read the article, Click Here >>>

What Would You Chose


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