VolUme 3, Edition 3

Welcome to The LAncer

Welcome to the Lancer. This is the Niu Valley Middle School digital newspaper. This has lots of information about what is going on at NVMS. We hope you enjoy!


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Veterans/Armistice Day

Veterans day or previously known as Armistice day. To learn more about it, Click Here

Teens in Quarantene

Teens are severely impacted in quarantine. Our lives are not the same as they were before our lockdowns and quarantine. To learn more, Click Here

Student Life

This edition, eighth grader Kaena shared his passion for baking. He also took part in a baking contest with his friend Peter. Read more about it here.

Every edition, we want to feature a hobby that a student has. If you would like to share your hobby on The Lancer, complete this form.

Tips During the Pandemic

Here at the Lancer Newspaper Club, we have some tips and tricks that can help you better with distance learning, or just in general with this COVID-19 Pandemic still going around. To see the tips, Click Here

Student COuncil


There is a meeting on Friday, November 20, 2020 at 12:00 PM HST (During Advisory). Please make sure you check in with your advisory teachers before arriving at your meeting, you don't want to be marked tardy or absent.

Leadership & Activities

The Leadership Class has established a website for activities that they are setting up. To view their website, Click Here

To view the Leadership Students for this school year, Click Here

School Events

Here on the Lancer website, we now have a page called School Events. It is updated for every edition to the latest school events at NVMS! To view the page, Click Here

Choose Love

Quarter 2's Choose Love message focuses on Gratitude. People who show Gratitude are more likely to be happier and more positive about life. What's something you're grateful for?

Thanksgiving Trivia

We realize that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We have made a form full of information about Thanksgiving and you can test to see your knowledge! To fill out this Short Trivia form, Click Here

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