Student Life- Baking with Kaena

Eighth grader Kaena shared his passion for baking on The Lancer. He then took part in a baking contest with his friend Peter.

When did you start baking?

I officially started baking in the 5th grade. I really liked to be in the kitchen and I always really loved food. I started in the 5th grade because when I went home I didn't have a hobby, I would just watch YouTube and lay on the couch, then I just wanted to bake because it seemed simple

Who inspired you to start baking?

My mom really inspired me to start baking. I grew up with my mom baking every year for Christmas, I always loved to help and I just wanted to do something like that and share it with others. So I really picked it up from her and since then, my baking interest has grown so much more.

What do you like to bake?

I really like to bake cookies. They are simple and don't take much time. I have recently loved baking baklava. Baklava is diverse yet simple and it really is a treat to have and share with others. I really like seeing the smile and shock on people's faces when I give them baklava I made since it seems so difficult.

What tips do you have for baking?

There are a whole bunch of tips for baking. Here are some of my top tips for baking:

  • Focus on details (first time, do exactly as it says, then make adjustments if needed)

  • Stay near the oven (Don't want things burning)

  • Don't waste (ingredients cost money and things aren't cheap)

  • Don't accept defeat (you might fail, use that to learn and try again)

  • Don't listen to other's negative comments (don't let them bring you down, use it to build you up)

  • Have Fun (things taste better when made with love and when you really try)

  • Share with others (when you are confident in baking, sharing your creations with others, can help you to get feedback and grow)

Baking contest

Kaena took part in a baking challenge with his friend Peter. Kaena baked baklava, while Peter made cheesecake. Vote for your favorite here.

Here is the link to his Recipe!

Baking Cheesecake.mp4

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