Tips for COVID-19

By The Newspaper Club

What is the Coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently a global pandemic. There are many different types of coronavirus, which is why the coronavirus pandemic is called COVID-19, not just COVID. Wearing a mask or face shield is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the virus. If someone around you has the virus and you both wear masks, there is a 1.5% possibility you will get the virus, but if the infected person does not wear a mask, there is a 70% chance that you could get it.

Tips: whenever you leave your house

  • Wash your hands often (Hand Sanitizer, Soap & Water)

  • Wear a mask every time you leave your house

  • Stay home if you don't feel well

  • Practice Social Distancing

  • Don't go out partying or hanging out will friends

    • if you do hang with friends stay social distanced and wear a mask

  • Exercise and stay healthy!

When You are online for class

Whenever you go onto your Google Meet for class, you should:

    • Have your supplies near you (composition books, pens/pencil, planner, etc.)

    • Follow the 20-20-20 rule. (to learn about the 20-20-20 rule, Click Here >>>)

    • Be a good digital citizen (don't spam the chat, keep your microphone off unless you are asked to speak, etc.)

    • Listen to the teacher (It is a long time, but just pay attention so no information is missed)