End of First Semester

By: Kaena Kim

Can we believe it, we are already halfway through the School Year!

Let's Work Hard and Push Through this 2nd half of the year and work harder than first semester!

The first semester of the school year is over! This means we are halfway through the year!

Thank You to Everyone who filled out the form.

It's nice to see all of your opinions and how school is going.

There are lots of favorite teachers here at NVMS. We love to see your go-to-outfits for distance learning.

Lots of your interesting things that happened in a virtual class was hilarious.

Everyone has almost the same for Headphones, Earbuds, None. The Majority said Airpods.

Quarantine obsession? Lots had this one, the majority said video games.

Lots of people have things they looked forward to pre-pandemic. The majority said just to see people and hang out with friends.

The random things to say, it's nice to read especially when you have a bad day. You all have had some interesting things happen in class.