VolUme 3, Edition 7

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Make a short video! Answer questions like 'Who are you?' 'What office are you running for?' 'Why should voters vote for you?'


Going into a new year of school usually requires the choice of a language. And most students will choose what they think will be an easy or just a fun class. “I just need an A.” But what they don’t realize is that there is more being taught than just a language.

Article by Kailani Clark

President's day Trivia

We know President's day has passed, but here is some trivia about it.

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Form Created by Marcus Cho

Valentines day Trivia

We know Valentine's day has passed, but here is some trivia about it.

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Form Created by Miao Ke Dong

SAve the earth!

Save the Earth!

What are some ways we can help stop real-world problems?

Click the link to see some problems in this world and possible ways we can help save the Earth

This was written by Isabela Sharp

Tricky Trivia

Are you bored? Try this tricky trivia out! It's full of interesting and informational questions that are definitely something you would want to do. To fill it out, Click the Link!

This was created by Kiana Novey

Tips During the Pandemic

Here at the Lancer Newspaper Club, we have some tips and tricks that can help you better with distance learning, or just in general with this COVID-19 Pandemic still going around. To see the tips, Click Here

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Student Life

In this edition, 7th grader Shota shared his hobby of playing the ukulele. To see a video of it, click here.

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Leadership & Activities

The Leadership Class has established a website for activities that they are setting up. To view their website, Click Here

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School Events

Here on the Lancer website, we now have a page called School Events. It is updated for every edition to the latest school events at NVMS! To view the page, Click Here

*Updated: 02/17/21


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Choose Love

Quarter 3's Choose Love message focuses on Forgiveness. Forgiving someone can reduce anxiety, stress, and anger. It will help you get rid of past problems and any guilt or shame you may have.

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