The Power of Music

By Kailani Clark

Have you ever listened to music after a study session to help relax your brain? What about during? Research has shown that music, especially classical music, can help your brain process information more efficiently. It improves your brain’s function, mood, memory, reasoning skills, and reaction time. All of which can indirectly improve studying and/or test-taking skills.

Many studies have shown that background noise, whether it be music (specifically classical because lyrics can be distracting) or white noise, can improve test performance. Test takers with background noise had improved numbers of questions answered and questions answered correctly. But it also improves your mood, as we well know. And an improved mood can improve our brain’s function as well. So listening to music that makes you happy could improve your test scores as well!

“Musical activity serves as a cognitive exercise for the brain which trains it for more challenges in the future.” (Florida National University, 2019) So listening to music can be a literal work-put for your brain, helping it to grow and become stronger for things in the future. It has shown that playing a musical instrument can lower a person’s risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

But many other studies have shown that music improves memory too. Have you ever heard a song that you haven’t heard for years and still remembered the words? That’s because songs are engineered to stick in your mind with different tools such as beats, melody, and rhymes. Our brains look for patterns and music is full of them. Have you ever heard an educational rhyme or song that helped you remember something about history or math? That’s because the rhyme and/or beat is easier for the brain to remember because it’s predictable and repetitive.

So if you really need to remember something, try making it a rhyme and see if it sticks.


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